WiFi You - your free WiFi key.

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WiFi You - your free WiFi key. चे वर्णन

WiFi You, a WiFi managing tool which is SAFE & EASY & FREE to use, clean and traffic saving . It will automatically find all available WiFi networks nearby. You can connect to the free wifi with one single click.

Having WiFi You app on your wireless devices is a quite optimal way to connect to internet during you travel worldwide.

By using WiFi You,you will be no longer limited by your data plan when you enjoy HD movies, music streaming, pictures, news, comics, novels, games and shopping on the Internet, at anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, you will stay online to enjoy Pokemon all the time!

WiFi You is also a signal booster and will improve the quality and stability of these connections.
A MUST-have app on your android smartphone in your daily life!

Key Features:
- Detect nearest WiFi hotspots, automatically connecting to the WiFi hotspot to reduce your data cost
- Recommend the best networks to you by analyzing
- A pocketable WiFi password finder to keep your wireless devices always online
- One click to connect to the networks you choose
- Protect your privacy and security with intelligent connection technology
- Analyze data saved by using WiFi You
- Share your WiFi passwords with your friends via WiFi You app
- Share WiFi You app with your Facebook friends

Come and enjoy your free WiFi with us!!!

If you have any question or feedback, please contact us:
Email: feedback@wifiyou.net
Facebook: feedback@wifiyou.net
Website: www.wifiyou.net

Best Regards,
WiFi You team

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WiFi You - your free WiFi key. साठी स्टोर युजर रेटिंग


WiFi You - your free WiFi key. वरील स्टोर समीक्षा

WiFi You - your free WiFi key. वर एकही समीक्षा नाही. प्रथम बना!
चांगल्या अॅपची हमी!

चांगल्या अॅपची हमी!

ही अॅप्लीकेशन वायरस, मालवेयर आणि इतर खोडसाळ हल्ल्यांसाठी असणाऱ्या सुरक्षा चाचण्या पास करून आली आहेत आणि यात कुठलाही धोका नाही आहे.

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